Living & Working in Switzerland

A bit about me. I am an educated artist, photographer, art historian and jewelry maker. My company, 'Zinggimaging', was established in the mid 2000's during my time as a freelance web designer and front-end developer.

I was born in the USA. My education in art and photography began at Tyler School of Art (Temple University, Philadelphia) and was completed at Parsons School of Design (New York City). I received my Bachelor of Fine Art in photography in 1989 with special honors. While living in NYC, I worked at a wedding photography studio then a digital retouching studio. Later I taught myself web-graphic production, which landed me a position at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 1997 as the Imaging Technology Assistant for the web department. I lived in New York City for 15 years, I got married and then left the country. 

I moved to Switzerland in 1999 with my Swiss husband and worked as an assistant web publisher for two years in Zurich. No longer able to do traditional photography, the opportunity arose for me to enrole into a university to study art history. After nearly a decade of part-time studying, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in art history in 2011 and then the Masters of Arts in 2014 from the Open University (UK). During the time of studying for the masters degree I started tinkering with jewelry in my spare time. After graduation I pursued it passionately. 

It took many months of long hours teaching myself jewelry techniques. After crafting a few masterpiece necklaces, I opened my ETSY shop, 'Zinggimaging', in 2015, but it did not take off until 2018. By 2021 I had sold over 700 pieces both on ETSY and other venues. I took a long break for about 10 months to re-invent my brand. With a new style, I opened my second ETSY shop: 'Creazioni E'Linda'.

I am now over 50 now (the picture of me above is very old) and I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my creative life. Although I do not do traditional photography anymore because of the expense, I am showcasing the work I did in the 80's and 90's for anyone to enjoy.