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Melinda Zingg Zampetti

About There is nothing like handmade products in this era. Modernization of Western society has replaced the ancient traditions of the artisan with mass production of goods, especially fashion items. This collection of handmade jewelry offers the alternative. Each piece is unique; handcrafted according to the artisan's skill and design.

This collection caters to individuals with distinctive and unique taste. People who wear my jewelry desire to supplement their individuality with a fashion that is incongruent with mainstream trends. They share the desire for uniqueness and quality. As a designer I am passionate about creating wearable art and I am also motivated by the prospect of delighting my customers.

My passion and experience in art and design, whether it be painting or photography, has only recently discovered wearable art. All visual art is appreciated through that act of viewing. But original handmade jewelry is not only appreciated by viewing and but also is experienced by the individual wearing it. The visual experience is accompanied by the feeling of the object on the body.

My inspiration is stimulated through observation, whether it be everyday objects, nature, art, or the products of other highly admired artisans. Often it is only the gemstone or little bead that can spark an idea. Travel, research, sub-cultures and ancient civilizations also play a role in my creative process.

You are invited to enjoy any work by visiting my online shop or contact me directly. I also offer custom orders that can cater to your individual needs. Keep in mind that the collection is constantly growing with new products. Therefore you can visit the shop too see the latest works.

Biography Melinda Zingg-Zampetti is an educated photographer, artist and art historian living in Switzerland. Her art and photography education began at Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in Philadelphia and was completed at Parsons School of Design in New York City; obtaining a BFA photography with honors. After graduation she worked at various venues from a wedding photography studio to a digital retouching studio. Later she taught herself web production that landed her a position at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 1997 as the Imaging Technology Assistant for the website department. After moving to Switzerland in 1999 with her Swiss husband Rainer Zingg, she worked as an assistant web designer. In 2004 the opportunity arose to take on a long time desire to study art history. After nearly a decade of part-time studying, she was awarded a BA in art history in 2011 and the MA in 2014 from the Open University (UK). During the time of studying for the Masters Degree she started making jewelry in her spare time and after graduation pursued it devotedly. After many months with long hours of teaching herself techniques and producing trial pieces, she crafted a few masterpiece necklaces that were refined and unique. With these she opened her ETSY online shop in April 2015. Now her devotion and hard work has brought forth a collection of styles and techniques - from Bohemian style leather and gemstone pieces to elaborate Victorian Gothic styles using high grade Brass. Not only has she learned the techniques of wire working, metal working and beading, but also made extensive research concerning materials and applications that have implications on the stability and quality of the pieces as well as the health of the wearer. As an established jewelry artisan she continues her research on all aspects of production as she develops her styles. It is the production, techniques, unique designs that offers the public the opportunity to wear one of a kind works of art.

Press The publication Schaffhauser Bock is known to be a progressive local free newspaper for the residence of Schaffhausen and the surrounding area. This article on Melinda Zingg-Zampetti introduces her work and briefly describes certain attributes of her inspiration. (German) March 31, 2016

Metal Work

Blacken Brass is one of my favorite techniques. My black brass jewelry is unique in that I hand-oxidize the metal. It is unlike the aged brass jewelry that is simply plated with antique finish. Oxidized raw brass has a multi-tone velvety surface. The tones are beautifully irregular ranging from warm to cool hues. Some have a bit of carmel and rust tone patches. The brass is sealed to maintain the surface. Vintage looking as well as authentic.

Antique Brass elements in my work are plated or partially oxidized to a even tone that is more bronze and carmel in tone.

Antique Silver  components in my jewelry are made of brass and plated with sterling silver that is oxidized and buff to bring out the highlights. These are also sealed with a finish that prevents further oxidation.

The brass is made in the USA. This ensures the product is lead and nickel free, which is friendly for all who wear.

Patina & Clays

Metal Patina is part of my unique style. Adding touches of color to metal enhances the pieces in ways that are quite different from color beading. Sometimes one color touch with complimentary crystals are enough for most pieces. But I also have a few that are multi-colored patinas particularly on floral etched metal filigrees.

Sculpting Clays is another unique tool that is very essential in my work. Most of the clay is either a resin based or a ceramic based. Nearly all of my lockets are made not only with metal filigree parts but also with the various color clays which I sculpt and shape.

The Elements

Swarovski & Preciosa components are the highest quality manufacturers of crystals. The production of the beads, cabochons, pendants and rhinestones are cut with precision that results in an almost diamond like brillance. They also produce a range of pearls in beautiful and exotic colors.

Cast Alloy beads, also referred to as Tibetan style beads, have the most variety of shapes than any other type of bead. These beads are made from zinc based alloy (pewter) after which, they are finished with a metal tone: silver, gold and platinum as well as the antiqued silver, gold, bronze or copper. Higher quality alloy beads have precious metal plating, but these come only in a fraction of available shapes. What is important for my usage is the safety. As with brass, cast alloy beads can contain lead and cadmium. I purchase the safe beads that have a certified lab report of their content that establishes them as ROHS Certified.

The Pearls I use are genuine un-dyed and usually fresh water. Not all pearls are white. I use mostly off white but also cream, plum, peach puff, grey and deep blue. These are natural colors and have variations in the tones. I appreciate how genuine pearls are slightly different in shape; no two are alike or perfectly round.

Gemstone  such as moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, blue lace agate, amazonite and also genuine opal are grade A or higher quality. Most of the gemstones I choose are natural, not dyed or stablized with resins or man-made.

Glass beads are without a doubt an essential part of my collection. As with other materials glass has unique properties: fire-polished glass, pressed and druk glass, lampwork, hand-blown glass, dichroic glass, cracked glass and so on. I have a special interest in a variety glass beads - lampwork from India, faceted cut opaque jade glass from China, fire-polished glass and crystals from the Czech Republic, Vintage German pressed glass, Swarovski Crystals - all of which are incorporated into my line.

Mixed-Media & Resin Art

Resin Art jewelry is printed images sealed with a crystal clear resin. The images mostly represent vintage art that have been digitcally enhanced and manipulated. Crystals and other decorative elements are incorporated into the pieces.

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