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Melinda Zingg Zampetti

AboutCreazioni E'Linda is the brand name for the handmade jewelry by Melinda Zingg-Zampetti. Her studio is located in Schaffhausen Switzerland. The name was formally Zinggimaging, which launched in 2015. In 2022 she created a new name: Creazioni E'Linda.

BiographyMelinda Zingg-Zampetti is an educated photographer, artist and art historian living in Switzerland. Her art and photography education began at Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in Philadelphia and was completed at Parsons School of Design in New York City; obtaining a BFA photography with honors. After graduation she worked at various venues from a wedding photography studio to a digital retouching studio. Later she taught herself web production that landed her a position at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 1997 as the Imaging Technology Assistant for the website department.

After moving to Switzerland in 1999 with her Swiss husband, she worked as an assistant web designer. In 2004 the opportunity arose to take on a long time desire to study art history. After nearly a decade of part-time studying, she was awarded a BA in art history in 2011 and the MA in 2014 from the Open University (UK). During the time of studying for the Masters Degree she started making jewelry in her spare time and after graduation pursued it devotedly. After many months with long hours of teaching herself techniques and producing trial pieces, she crafted a few masterpiece necklaces that were refined and unique. With these she opened her ETSY online shop, Zinggimaging, in April 2015.

After selling over 700 pieces, mostly online, she reinvented her style. In 2022 she launched a new shop with a brand name: Creazioni E'Linda.





Porzellan - Malatelier

D. Demiral Dogan
Unterstadt 29 - 8200 Schaffhausen - Switzerland
+41 52 624 33 14


Melinda Zingg-Zampetti


The Collection

Bracelets My cuff bracelets are one of a kind. The bases are made of oxidzied brass or antique silver plated brass and lined with colorful Portuguese cork or leather for comfort. Each piece is meticulously embellished using an array of materials including brass flowers, leaves, florishes and filigrees, gemstones, pearls, crystals, glass, resin, dried flowers, satin, silk, brass mesh fabric, beautiful patinas and more.

Necklaces My pendant necklaces are whimsical, romantic, stylish and unique. All are meticulously handmade with an array of materials including brass florishes and filigrees, gemstone, pearls, crystals, glass, porcelain, resin, dried flowers, satin, silk, brass mesh fabric and more.

Monocles The monocle necklaces are both stunning and functional. The glass is about 4 cm in diameter with magnification of 5 times. They are made with a variety of materials including brass florishes and filigrees, gemstones, pearls, crystals, glass, porcelain, resin, satin or silk, brass mesh fabric and more. Most have silver plating with a light patina.

Lockets The lockets are also made with the same variety of materials. The lockets open to hold 2 or 4 pictures and they are perfect as wedding or anniversary gift, or as a keepsake necklace.

Earrings I have created a series of resin picture earrings. Beautiful and unique collage art earrings. The surreal images are created in Photoshop, printed then incased in clear crystal resin. The earrings are embellished with tiny beads, pearls or crystals (Swarovski or Preciosa).